Deuteronomy: An Expositional Commentary

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Whose sermons are quoted most in the Bible? The answer may surprise you. Deuteronomy is essentially a series of sermons by the greatest Old Testament prophet. Jesus Himself quoted more from Deuteronomy than from any other portion of the Old Testament. Just as the New Testament epistles are our primary interpretive commentary on the historical narratives (The Gospels and Acts), the most venerated portion of the Old Testament - the Torah - has, within it, its primary commentary in the form of three sermons by Moses.

This study contains 16 hours of verse by verse teachings.

  1. Deut 1-2: Wilderness Travels. Failure at Kadesh Barnea. Defeat of Sihon.
  2. Deut 3-4: Victory over Og of Bashan. Moses Commands Obedience.
  3. Deut 5-6: The Great Commands...and Warnings.
  4. Deut 7-10: The Law of Love. Gods Goodness Recalled. Israels Rebellion Recalled.
  5. Deut 11-12: One Place of Sacrifice.
  6. Deut 13-14: Laws Reflecting the Holiness of the People. Clean and Unclean Meats.
  7. Deut 15-16: The Passover and Other Feasts.
  8. Deut 17-18: Priests and Levites. Occult Practices. The Prophets.
  9. Deut 19-20: Cities of Refuge. Holy War and Military Service.
  10. Deut 21-22: Various Laws and Laws about Chastity.
  11. Deut 23-24: Human Relationships. Love for Neighbors and Families.
  12. Deut 25-26: Sanctification of the Kingdom. Firstfruits and Tithes.
  13. Deut 27-28: Alternatives for a God-Related People. Blessings and Cursings.
  14. Deut 29-30: Gods Covenant. Ultimate Restoration.
  15. Deut 31-32: Passing the Baton. Song of Moses.
  16. Deut 33-34: Blessing the 12 Tribes.

Session 1 of 16 - Chapters 1-2: Wilderness Travels.

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