Ezekiel: An Expositional Commentary

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The book of Ezekiel contains some of the most incredible prophecies in the Bible, including detailed description of a Nuclear War and the cleanup afterward. Ezekiel ministered to a nation experiencing judgment for their sins, and may have some lessons for us today.

Ezekiel's name means "God strengthens, or God will strengthen." Ezekiel is one of the three that were called Captivity Prophets (the other two are Jeremiah and Daniel). Ezekiel never mentions Jeremiah in his writings, but he does mention Daniel three times.

Over 22 hours of Verse-by-Verse sessions through the book of Ezekiel.

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  1. Session 1: - Introduction and Ezekiel Chapter 1. The four living creatures. The Camp of Israel.
  2. Session 2: Chapters 2-3 - Ezekiel's call. Preparation, and the office as a Watchman.
  3. Session 3: Chapters 4-5 - Siege on Jerusalem. 430 days. 3 balances.
  4. Session 4: Chapters 6-7 - Mountains. The end is come. Idolatry in the Temple.
  5. Session 5: Chapters 8-11 - 6 men. Shekinah glory leaves the Temple.
  6. Session 6: Chapters 12-13 - Rebellious house. Zedekiah. Pelatiah is judged. False Prophets.
  7. Session 7: Chapters 14-16 - Judgment. Noah, Daniel and Job. Unfruitful Vine. Parable of Jotham.
  8. Session 8: Chapters 17-19 - The great eagle. Individual accountability. 2 lions.
  9. Session 9: Chapters 19-20 - The history of rebellion. Idols of Egypt. Scattered Among the Nations.
  10. Session 10: Chapters 21-22 - The sword. City of Blood. Smelting Furnace.
  11. Session 11: Chapters 23-24 - 2 sisters. Cup of Judgment. The Boiling Pot.
  12. Session 12: Chapter 25 - God's Judgment on the Muslim Nations: Ammon, Moab, Edom.
  13. Session 13: Chapters 26-27 - God's Judgment on the Muslim Nations: Tyre, Persia, Ophir.
  14. Session 14: Chapter 28 - The Power Behind the Throne. Satan. The Gap Theory.
  15. Session 15: Chapters 29-31 -God's Judgment upon Egypt. The Sword Continues. The fall of Pharaoh. Egypt and the Aswan Dam.
  16. Session 16: Chapter 32 - Tour of Sheol. The Rise of Islam. 666 and the anti-Christ.
  17. Session 17: Chapters 33-35 - The Role of the Watchman. The Wicked Shepherds. Judgment of Edom.
  18. Session 18: Chapters 36-37 - The Restoration of the Land. The Restoration of the Nation. The Vision of the Dry Bones.
  19. Session 19: Chapters 38-39 - The Magog Invasion. Nuclear Weapons? Timing Placement.
  20. Session 20: Chapters 40-42 - The Vision of the Temple. Which Temple? Angel of the Lord. Zadok. Inner Court.
  21. Session 21: Chapters 43-45 - New worship of God. Return of glory. Sacrifices.
  22. Session 22: Chapters 46-48 - New appointments of the land of Israel to the Tribes. Division of the Land. The Sanctuary. The City.
  23. Session 23: The Origin of Evil part 1 - The Origin of Evil. When Did Satan Fall?
  24. Session 24: The Origin of Evil part 2 - Spiritual Warfare. Armor of God.

Session 01 of 24 - Introduction and Chapter 1 - The Four Living Creatures. The Camp of Israel.

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