Our Staff

Administrative Staff

  • Shannon Scholten, Vice President
  • Mike Stevens, Director of Programing

Engineering Staff

  • Kelly Carlson, Director of Engineering
  • Ray Gorney, Assistant Director of Engineering
  • Jerry Johnson, Engineer/Outage Coordinator
  • Dustin Pamplona, Engineer
  • Jeremy Estabrooks, Engineer
  • Mickel Pruden, Engineer
  • Jordain Laird, Tower Climber

Operations Staff

  • Scott Spencer, Director of Operations
  • Hannah Bello, Traffic Manager

Support Staff

  • Holley Mechem, Secretary, Books / DVDs / Product Distribution
  • Crystal Pamplona, Accounting
  • Esther Peterson, HR
  • Michelle Milliken, Studio-Waivered Station CorrespondentLois Mills, FCC Applications / Translator Site Manager, Saturday Night Lifeline Host

Creative Staff

  • Bre Stevens, Creative Director
  • Nolan Mather, Graphics / Website Maintenance