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This wonderful collection of biblically faithful, hardcover books is an interactive, fun way to teach young children about Jesus. All three books are rooted firmly in Scripture and open the door to hours of discussion about who Jesus is, how to be His friend, and how He is the hero of the entire Bible.

The Storm That Stopped - 32 pages
What would it be like to be on a sinking boat in the middle of a raging storm? The answer is scary! The disciples were terrified—but they would soon discover that they had no need to be. They were with Jesus, who could still the wind and waves with just three words. How could this be? Because Jesus is God! This captivating picture book teaches preschoolers that Jesus is a friend, teacher, and God Himself.

Jesus and the Lions' Den - 32 pages
Daniel lived a long, long time ago. He loved God and prayed every day. But when he refused to stop praying to God and start praying to King Darius, the super-powerful king of Babylon, his punishment was to become lion food! What happened next? And how does this story point forward to Jesus?

Preschoolers will love learning about the captivating true events of Daniel 6 found in the Old Testament—and the connections between Daniel and Jesus.

Seek and Find: New Testament Bible Stories - 18 pages

This full-size board book presents eight two-page spreads that teach preschoolers about Jesus:

  • at His birth
  • teaching in the temple
  • healing a paralyzed man
  • calming a storm
  • with little children
  • meeting Zacchaeus
  • at the Last Supper
  • rising from the dead

Includes more than 450 hidden crawly things, flying things, and other pictures to find.

Published by The Good Book Company.

Available in the following formats:

  • Hardcover

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