Entebbe: A Defining Moment in the War on Terrorism--The Jonathan Netanyahu Story - Book

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Iddo Netanyahu
The remarkable account of the famous hostage rescue at Entebbe, and its commander, Jonathan Netanyahu. Learn how this modern Joshua inspired not only Israel but the whole free world through the success of this operation...described by many as a miraculous mission of biblical proportions.
  • Relates perfectly with our own war on terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq
  • This is the only documented, firsthand account of the epic raid on Entebbe - includes many photos
  • Highlights the shared values of Israeli warriors like Yoni and freedom-loving American troops engaged with a vicious enemy
July 4, 1976. The United States was celebrating 200 years of freedom and democracy. Thousands of miles away, freedom of a different kind was being celebrated as more than 100 hostages who had been held at gunpoint by terrorists in Entebbe, Uganda, were freed. The daring commander of this rescue mission was Jonathan (Yoni) Netanyahu; he was the only Israeli soldier killed in the Entebbe raid. Readers will marvel over the reasons Jonathan went to Entebbe, what has been called "his great hour." Surely, the parallels for people of faith are here: The Scripture says, "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." Jonathan didn't know any of the hostages held by the terrorists, yet he willingly laid down his own life. He was motivated not only by a desire to defend Israel, but to defend all victims of terror.

224 Pages
Published by Balfour Books

Available in the following formats:

  • Paperback

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