Exodus: An Expositional Commentary

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The Book of Exodus is the bedrock of God's plan of redemption and is seen as a 'type' of the early church. It is also an adventure of discovery, since the dramatic narrative is laced with numerous hidden messages in the form of microcodes and macrocodes, each anticipating the New Testament climax.

This study contains approx. 20 hours of verse by verse teachings.

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  1. Chapters 1-2 - Introduction. Moses and Pharaoh’s Daughter. Midian.
  2. Chapters 3-6 - The Burning Bush. The Rod & the Serpent. Covenants.
  3. Chapters 7-10 - Water to Blood. Frogs. Lice. Flies. Locusts. Darkness.
  4. Chapters 11-12 - Pharaoh is Warned. Passover Lamb. Redemption.
  5. Chapters 13-15 - Firstborn. Feast of Unleavened Bread. Red Sea.
  6. Chapters 16-17:7 - Manna. The Word of God. Water from the Rock.
  7. Chapter 17:8-18 - Amalek. Flesh verses Spirit. Jethro & Zipporah.
  8. Chapters 19-20:17 - Israel at Sinai. Dispensations. The Law. The Commandments.
  9. Chapter 20:18-23 - The Civil Law. Sabbath of the Land. Jubilee Year.
  10. Chapters 24-25 - The Covenant. The Tabernacle Symbolism.
  11. Chapter 26 - The Laver. The Coverings. The Veil.
  12. Chapters 27-28 - The Camp. The Priesthood and its Garments.
  13. Chapters 29-30:21 - The Offerings. The Incense Altar. The Numbering.
  14. Chapter 30:22-31, 35-40 - Anointing Oil. Workmanship. Tabernacle Set up.
  15. Chapters 32-33 - The Golden Calf. Stiffnecked People. Discussion.
  16. Chapter 34 - Second Set of Tables. Moses as a Type of Christ.

Session 1 of 16 - Chapters 1-2 - Introduction. Moses and Pharaoh’s Daughter. Midian.

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