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You will not find the typical chart at the back of the book illustrating in three simple steps how to lead a successful, happy life. Nor will you be comforted by oversimplified Lifeboat for Dummies diagrams. There is no easy confessional chant-like incantation to make everything in your life better. While so many today are happy to believe in some kind of Oz-like fantasy world, the fact remains that we inhabit the Creator's Reality. We are in the world where Truth wins. We live in a reality where those who sow to the wind (vanity, empty philosophy) will reap the whirlwind (chaos, destruction)! It appears that a perfect storm of social chaos and spiritual conflict is moving through the United States. Sadly, the Western Church is not prepared for the storm or the aftermath that will certainly ensue.

The Western Church now finds itself comfortable in a successful, materialistic culture while seekers coming out of this pagan culture find themselves quite comfortable in these Titanic churches. The resulting mutual admiration between pagan seekers and the Titanic church has developed naturally into gatherings of people who meet weekly for emotional, self-help seminars. Yet, the culture that sends these seekers to board the Titanic church is the very same culture that aggressively confronts traditional Christian values While Christianity and biblical revelation are challenged, marginalized and legally discriminated against in Western democratic culture, the religion of Islam becomes more and more accepted. Islam increasingly waggles its way inward toward the center of the public arena in the Western world, whose mantra of Tolerance, tolerance! grows louder and louder. Yet - and at the same time - Christianity is ridiculed as offensive, which places even more peer pressure on the adolescent Titanic church to separate itself from Truth and embrace the cool, contemporary, relevant cultural clique. A Titanic-like Theology Has Set the Church on a Perilous Journey without a Map on a ship that will ultimately require Lifeboat support. This book was written to help provide lifeboats and maps for the coming disaster.

About the Author

Galyn Wiemers is the founder of Generation Word, a Bible teaching ministry, focused on helping restore Biblical literacy in America. Galyn is the author of several books including Framework for Christian Faith , and Jerusalem: History, Archaeology and Apologetic Proof of Scripture . A large volume of Galyn s audio and video teaching along with notes, maps, photos of Israel and more can be found at Galyn s morning and evening online devotions that provide twelve new pieces of information twice a day for your optimal spiritual training are available at Galyn and his wife Toni have been married since 1981 and have six sons and two grandsons.

Paperback : 286 pages

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