Matthew: An Expositional Commentary

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Matthew presents Jesus Christ as the Jesus as the Meshiach Nagid, the Messiah the King, the Lion of the tribe of Judah. It was written by a Jew, to Jews, about a Jew. This book of the Bible uses more Old Testament quotes than any other. The Gospel of Matthew emphasizes the saying of Jesus, including ten parables not found in any other Gospel. After first establishing the royal genealogy, he then goes on to focus on the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecies. Matthew uses the term "fulfilled" 82 times!

Many scholars now believe that the Gospel wee written before Paul's first imprisonment of 57-60 A.D., and that virtually all of the New Testament books were written before Jerusalem's destruction.

This study contains 24 hours of verse by verse teachings.

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  1. Introduction and Matthew 1
  2. Matthew 2: Visit of the Magi. Massacre at Bethlehem.
  3. Matthew 3 - 4: John the Baptist.
  4. Matthew 5 - 7: The "Sermon on the Mount" Part 1
  5. Matthew 5 - 7: The "Sermon on the Mount" Part 2
  6. Matthew 8 - 9: Calming the Storm. Demoniac at Gadara. The Call of Matthew. Jairus’ Daughter. Woman with the issue of blood.
  7. Matthew 10 - 11: The Twelve sent out. John the Baptist: response.
  8. Matthew 12: Sabbath issues. The Unpardonable Sin.
  9. Matthew 13: The Kingdom Parables. The Four Soils. Tares and the Wheat. The Leaven.
  10. Matthew 14 - 15: The Murder of John the Baptist. Five Thousand Fed. Traditions of Judaism vs. Commandments of God.
  11. Matthew 16 - 17: Peter’s Confession of Faith. The Transfiguration. The Tribute Money.
  12. Matthew 18: The Gnostic Gospels. Dealing with Torts. Due Process. Forgiveness.
  13. Matthew 19 - 20: The King’s instructions on Marriage and Divorce. The Rich Young Ruler.
  14. Matthew 21: The Triumphal Entry. Supplemental Study: The 70 Weeks of Daniel. The Destiny of Israel.
  15. Matthew 21 - 22: Cleansing of the Temple. The Fig Tree. Rejection of the Holy Spirit.
  16. Matthew 23: Eight Woes. The Purpose of all History. The Tragedy of all History.
  17. Matthew 24: The Olivet Discourse
  18. Matthew 24 vs. Luke 21: Are they the same? Different occasion? Different audiences?
  19. Matthew 25: The Ten Virgins. The Ten Talents. The “Sheep & Goat” Judgment.
  20. Matthew 26: The Last Seder
  21. John 13 - 17: The Upper Room Discourse
  22. Matthew 26: Gethsemane & the Jewish Trials
  23. Matthew 27: The Crucifixion
  24. Matthew 28: The Resurrection

Session 1 of 24 - Introduction and Matthew 1

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