TNIV Audio Bible



Introducing the TNIV Audio Bible, multi-voice edition---an audio Bible for today's generation, from Zondervan, publisher of the 2002 Audie Award-winning NIV Audio Bible Dramatized. Featuring a fresh, new translation in today's language, dramatic readings from some of the world's best voice talent, original music, and engaging book intros, the TNIV Audio Bible sets a new standard.


  • The full text of the TNIV Bible, a fresh new translation for today's generation
  • Multi-voice recording featuring some of the finest voice talent in the world
  • Original music composed exclusively for the TNIV.

Available in the following formats:

Audio CD:
  • Digital Audio CD(s)
    • Note: The TNIV Audio Bible comes on 64 Audio CDs.
MP3 CD ROM (Audio):
  • Digital Audio Files on Disc

More information on Audio and MP3 CDs.

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